I was deaf but now i'm half blinded ! :/
(Glad i know the place of the keys)

So boered cuz i cant code or even read a book!

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    What happened?
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    @Gregozor2121 doc wanted some experiment on my eyes and the drop caused this.
    He said it will get better after about 6 h.
    Hope he is right
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    How do you read comments?
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    @R1100 sounds like the doc would make a good dev also: oh let's just try whether the ear bug vanishes if we comment the eyes out.
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    @Fast-Nop I usually start from commenting the bigger Scopes and drilling down.

    So in this case, I would try to comment out the whole head first.
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    Substance allowing to check the bottom of the eye, i don't remember the name, it causes the eye to behave like in darkness (fully opened pupil). It lasts couple hours, he should have told to to wear sunglasses.
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    @irene exactly!
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    its pretty standard to make the eyes wide, a wide range of diagnostics in eye doctor stuff doesnt work with eyes in their normal state. Its pretty annoying cause you constantly need to remind patients to bring someone that drives them home.

    Source: someone close to me is an actuall "eye doctor"

    todo: how to properly write "opthamologist"
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    @irene I am not sure how about other countries, but usually it isn't atropine, because it last to long and it is unnecessary for most cases. Some kind atropine deratives are usually used
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    @xaero i actually got it right? cool
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    @irene chemical deratives of atropine. It works with a lot of chemical compund not only drug. Nicotine works for killing bugs (sometimes even software bugs 😃) lets make something less toxic for people - neonicotine pesticides.

    Scopolamine is nice for reliving smooth muscles spasms, but has unnecessary sedative effect - scopolamine butylbromide. Morphine works nice for pain - heroine works nicer 😃
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    @Omnisus @irene Mydrum, neustigmin or Zyklolat as brands are used in germoney

    which in turn contains

    Zyklolat: Cyclopentolathydrochlorid

    Mydru: Tropicamid

    Neustigmin is actually the name of the chemical
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    @cursee magnifier !!
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    @Fast-Nop 😁😂😂😂
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    @irene just blur (only closw scenes)
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    @R1100 Well it's been 8h. Any better?
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    @dyte yay !
    I can read and code 😃
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    @CoffeeNcode thanks :)
    so many things are happenenning to me recently :/
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