One of our existing clients who used to pay for two of our products but now only pays for one just called us. The one he canceled is a loss prevention product that tracks internal theft in stores. He canceled it because he didn't feel it was worth it.

Now, he's calling us from a police station because he's trying to press charges against one of his managers because they were presumably stealing from him.

"Hey I need to know how many times this person stole from me over the last few months and I need to know it now because I'm at the police station."

With just a few clicks that would be an easy figure to retrieve for him had he not canceled our product.

My stance is he can get lost. I don't even think he sees the irony of canceling because "it isn't worth it" and then "asap" needing the data that the "worthless" product provides. Of course, he wants it without reactivating the subscription.


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    If you still have the data, back bill for the time frame, plus $1000 / hr for non subscription/contract work.
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    @bkwilliams @duckWIT but inform him on this special offer first with an note that because he is a good customer he gets 20% discount.
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    @stop that will encourage more bad behavior. No discount other than switching from monthly to annual billing.
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    @bkwilliams i ,eant that these $1000/hr are already with the discount. saying that the normal price would be $1250
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    @stop I’m good with that.
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