In case you haven't heard:

Heh... Talk about making a lot of dev enemies...
Am I allowed to do this?

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    Please kill inbox, hopefully people will then finally abandon google a bit more.
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    @Codex404 Why shall people abandone Google only because you individual are not willing to pay with your data?
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    @Snob because people do store my data there... I AM paying with my data and I do not give permission. Still they use it... Same with facebook etc.
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    @Codex404 legit point
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    @Codex404 This exactly. Managed to keep my phone number out of googles hands for years and years and then I gave my number to someone who saved it in Google contacts right under my nose.

    "but that's my choice" yeah but it's my fucking data.
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    So I see, this is the wrong place to bump a petition, even if I'm allowed to. People around here are just too "ranty" to care...
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    @hamido-san Nah, not at all. There are just quite some people here who strongly dislike and/or hate Google.

    And yes, I'm one of them.

    Has nothing to do with the petition, just with the subject it's about :)
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    @linuxxx That's where I'm disappointed: the petition isn't about "Google, yay or nay". Is about whether Google should listen to their current customers and keep supporting a "beloved" product. But apparently the spirit of trolling is alive and well even among devs...
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    @hamido-san the issue is we are not trolling. Its that we dont want our data be analyzed by google.
    I dont use google, but others do give my personal information to google to analyze. That is first of all illegal in many countries and also a great privacy breach.

    The only way to keep our data from googles hands is if the company downsizes or completely stops their business.
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