Does anyone else read:
"NOT important"???


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    Yes, why so confusion?
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    Yes, because it’s everything prior is NOT Important
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    I read it as, "I have zero fucking idea what the first 'C' in 'CSS' stands for... and my parents paid over 150k for me to learn Bootstrap."
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    There is no context what so ever. If I assume a programming language (we are Devs here) then in most languages it does mean that
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    I read it as, "hey fellow CSS authors, I've added 'important!' as a way to force a style to be overridden."

    "Hmm. Seems like a great idea, but why is the ! on the end?"

    "Uh, because that's where punctuation goes?"

    "But we are for reals coders. Coders do punctuation like rebels."

    "Oh good point, I'll put it at the beginning."

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    @stisch yes it is indeed not perfect
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    Not yet, but now this is ruined for me. I'll never see this the same way again.
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    @vmkantu you're welcome and also I am so, so sorry
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    I made a DevRant post of that exact same inconsistency a while back. Glad I’m not the only one who finds that annoying.
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    @Hypergeek Cascading style sheets. 😅
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    Always I do😂
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    Huh, that makes sense, never occurred to me though. In my mind it's like the inverted/Spanish exclamation point, but upside down. I might need to get my head examined.
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    I read the ! as a scream,

    display block, ARHH, IMPORTANT
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    my brain kinda compartmentalized css away from real languages, so it's reading the exclamation mark as a separate thing which in my mind sounds similar to the nonverbal vocalization people/videogame characters make in response to slight pain.

    so it becomes something like
    "mpfh! important."
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