Why devrant ios app crashes so much? At least 3 times a day.

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    @theKarlisK jokes on you im on sick leave till the end of week :D
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    Because it’s not a native app, also it’s been a while since I’ve seen an update... apparently 5 months based on App Store , it’s probably getting unstable in iOS12.
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    Because it's an app written in JS compiled to Objective C running on app-embedded custom JVM implementation.
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    @Lukaszpg Is it even compiled to ObjC?
    Or is it sill just a "website" rendered to native components at runtime?
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    @Snob UI is built from JS, just like vs code, Facebook, Uber, but different framework
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    I just installed it and worked fine 🤔 but yeah, if I open another app and return to this one, it redirects me to the homepage insted of the rant I was reading 🙃
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