I started a short term contract job that requires access to company online resources. Only problem is the office I'm working in has really bad internet. The connection speed at best is comparable to dial up and at worse just non-existent. I tried tethering to my phone but this wasn't working either due to low signal. I mention this as an issue early on the week to the boss. Later in the week the boss asks how things are going at the same time that the network is down. I tell him the same problem. He then tells me his computer is fast and he has internet, so I show him the 2 computers I have access to and how they are too slow/no internet. He then tells me a bad workman blames his tools and he's not happy with me for having problems.

Don't even know what to say to that. I just told him this role wasn't working for me and clocked out.

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    File written complaint about that, in two copies, give it to your boss and request his signature on your copy. Enough to cover your ass.
    Directly ask for steps the company will take to solve the problem, due to which your are unable to do your job.
    I assume that the connection, and preferably PC, are provided by the company.
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    add proof to your claim
    screen video capture or speedtest
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    The guy(boss) must have a dedicated high speed connection just for himself
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    Ping log file is a good proof too.
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    @JhonDoe I am think he was on ethernet but my computer's were on wireless. And I'm pretty sure there was a ridiculous limit on wirelessly connected devices.
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    @mt3o @heyheni great advice
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    Pretty shady, do as the guys up advise, that's a crappy setup for the other mortals than himself
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    @tmpnull A bad workman blames his tools,

    A bad exec has no idea how his company works and the tools needed to do the job
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