Expectation vs Reality..😂😂😂

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    Mostly marketting gimmicks to make you buy the paid content or shitodegree.
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    Depends on your source i guess. But 90% of them are soykaf and just gives you the basic's in the name of advanced.
    OCW, journals, official documentation's etc are generally top notch and people need to spend time to understand and make something of it :D
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    @cy3erg33k soykaf?
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    @skepdimi Cyberpunk lingo for "shit" xD
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    Aimbot. Reported...
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    So true, better off going to udemy.com and buying an online course there. Learn way more for about $15 than you will at a $30k online college. Though you have to find the right course on the site not all are good. But many are.
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    Same could be said about some uni courses, I think.
    My Java teacher from previous semester said we'd be making a short demo of the Swing package (for gui and all), and when I look back at all of it to find any reference to it, I get NullPointerExceptions.
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