reality vs school...

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    Not really... Looks like a pretty broad and bullshit stereotype but aight chief.

    If you don't go to a shit uni then you'll learn things.

    Not everyone can self learn as well. Some like the structure of a uni class with the resources that come with it.

    Still don't understand why people (aka other programmers) give a fuck how others learn.
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    @CaffeineNAnger My IT professors all ask you to learn processes, not like memorize stuff.

    For my "Linux" class we learn and apply the commands. He loves when we don't know how to do it so we can like work through the questions together.

    I've forgotten his exact words to describe what his goal for us were. I'll add it if it comes back to me.

    But so far, all my IT professors have welcomed the idea of us using technology we have because we'll be able to use them in the real world.
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    @CaffeineNAnger We teach ourselves most of the stuff in homework assignments and then he helps us make sure we grasp it & apply it.

    He keeps encouraging everyone to "just use it (Linux)" because that's the best way to learn. And I agree. I learned more from booting Kali up (unnecessarily but fuck it) and doing an entry level CTF.

    So far, I've liked all my IT professors since they're all within this mindset. They're not like in their 30's young but they're not the 80 yard olds that were here when the internet was born either lol. They've got an idea of how learning should work in today's world.
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    @CaffeineNAnger I've been on the unix/Linux stack exchange several times.

    I try to find my answers in the man pages or with "info" but sometimes you have that question that's hard to find without explaining it.

    Or in my case you ask something extremely stupid and realize the answer the moment that someone replies lol
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    @Stuxnet man i'd kill for your profs.
    All we have are late appearing, lazy, incompetent, bad mood profs who just want to see you fail. And maths is tought like i should know everything already.

    Which semester are you?
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    @nitwhiz So I'm on spring semester of year two of being on campus (so semester #4), however, I've taken 6 other classes (some in high school and some last summer), so I'm technically at semester #5 in terms of credits.

    It's weird but I'm going after a degree + 2 minors (idk if you have them or nah lol) which will take a bit of extra time to complete
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    I love this conversation.
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