God, I wish there was a hybrid distro, between Debian and arch.
A big as fuck repo and update-alternatives like in Debian, but with pacman and makepkg.
Oh, and without systemd.

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    I call it gentoo
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    Really though.

    - sweet ass build system
    - eselect >= update-alternatives
    - recommended to run systemd-free but still supports it if you use something that requires it

    One con is that the package repository feels empty to me, but most of the time I can find an alternative package that still does what I need it to do. It's definitely enough to be comfortable to use.
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    My laptop is a potato.
    I once compiled network-manager.
    I played 3 rounds of overwatch while it compiled (each 10 to 20 minutes)
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    Ouch. To be fair I think NM is pretty big and has a lot of features. Most things wont take that long, and optional features / conditional compilation is "opt-in" with the USE flags so you wont be compiling unnecessary stuff.

    You could also set up a build server on a more powerful system I think, but I dont have any experience there.
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    @metamourge try configuring Firefox nightly. no really I wanna know how long it takes. my laptop is decent and I usually abort after about 8 hrs.
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