I don't get people..

He is a good person and and realy tries..

Tries what?! To annoy coworkers that have to fix every single thing he does?!

Some people will justify anything with 'he is a nice person and tries hard'. WTF?!

So if someone is a nice person, likes to talk a lot, has 'good' social skills but writes crappy code he doesn't test at all.. or tests and see that it's glitchy and still doesn't fix it.. so he is a good worker for that?! Dafaq?!

So if he is a 'lovable' person, he deserves to be here, doing more damage than helps.. he deserves to have a job, with same pay (or even more) than me?! WTF?! How?!

Why is this ok?! If we were heart surgeons and he killed a person or two due to lack of skills or negligence, what would happen?!
He'd get fired on spot!! Why can't it be the same with devs?!

Why on fucking earth do we need to put up with people who try their best and fail?! Especially if their best is lowest of all, lower than the 'I don't give a fuck, just doing sth so the boss stops nagging'?!


But ok, some people are not cut out for some work, I get it.. but why the fuck do other people justify that with 'he tries'?! Dafaq?!

Maybe next time 'I'll try' to perfom brain surgery on you..and you'll end up a fuckin plant.. is that ok with you?! I'll be trying (not really) and do my best (well I will try not to use a chainsaw when cutting open your head).. will that be ok with you?!


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    Welcome to office politics, where it’s all made up and the points don’t matter.
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    @feature I wish it was just office politics, but it's not.. I see people everyday promoting and pampering unfit people just because they are minorities, had rough childhood are relatives..etc.. well fuck off. Yeah, we help them, but don't go around making them something more because of that.. It sux..it's like we're fighting natural selection..he gets this because of what he is, not because of what he's capable of doing.. :/
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    I empathize with you from the Mariana Trench of my heart.
    The bigger problem is that it's becoming more and more prevalent without any check
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    @sladuled I have been trying to answer that question for years. The only answer I've ever been able to come up with is that they are either insane or simply don't care about objective reality, much like a 3 year old doesn't.

    But it's getting so much more common, and I don't know what to do. Just look at the "post-meritocracy" SJW insanity.
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    @Nanos So... hippie days and onward?
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