So basically

-I have a project to finish due next week from an interview i had and i mentioned that i want a server side role, i am more of a PHP & MySQL (laravel).
-Also told them i am not very good at the front end
-So good so far
-They gave me the requirements
-BUILD A FU##ING website using
two let's call them tools i have NEVER used and also mentioned that

So here i am having my fking pulse over 100 trying to damn figure out how this bs works.

End my suffering

Have a nice day!!

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    So if u get hired this is what u gonna do on daily basis :D Maybe some exposure is good, but I would think long and hard before accepting position with unclear duties. Otherwise u gonna end up jack of all trades master of none
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    How about you don’t enter that hell.
    Bootstrap is one thing, and has its uses, but wordpress... that’s a straight out no for me, regardless of the pay check value.
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    Just take the example theme and add bootstrap classes to all buttons, navigation menus and grids. Thats it. I don’t understand the hate, it’s so easy to understand wordpress code..
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    @electriZer Ever heard about OOP, clean code and templating engines? Well, WordPress developers didn't.
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    @gronostaj back then when they developed the first wordpress versions, oop was new to PHP.
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    @electriZer Yeah, but that's not an excuse. Their half-array-half-object-oriented API should have been superseded, deprecated and removed in next major version long ago. Major releases are made every 4 years or so, I believe, that's a plenty of time for the ecosystem to adapt. Sure, some abandoned plugins would never get updated, but that would affect maybe 5% of users and they could provide legacy API as a plugin too.
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    @gronostaj this would probably break a lot of external applications and wp plugins, why should they do this if it works and people earn money from it?
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    @electriZer As I explained, they could do that without breaking anything except for stuff that nobody cares for anymore. And then they could provide extra backwards compatibility as a plugin for those who didn't manage to get their shit together in 4 years, because that's how often major releases happen. Deprecating and removing stuff is a proven, standard practice.

    Why? Because WordPress API is inconsistent, insecure and rotten. Adding REST support is already a big hack with each handler ending with exit(), because otherwise WP would smack a bunch of HTML at the end of response, because it assumes everything is HTML, based on its templates. Which are in fact EXECUTABLE, USER EDITABLE files and a #1 method of infecting WP sites with malware. Oh, there are also RSS feeds which don't use templates, but are baked into the core and there's no way to customize them or add anything like them without ugly hacks. It's 15 years old broken architecture left as-is because why fix it, it works
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