Question for those who have programming for several years :

Does it sometimes feel like the logic in your mind is reflected by the career path you have chosen?

Meaning, for me, when it comes to decision making, or when trying to understand an idea, I usually black out when a variable in my mind does not make sence.

Sometimes it feels like programming logic has taken over how I think.

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    Yes. Dehumanizing logic of black/white choices, where grey is abstracted by ethical switch/case statements on set paths of do or do not knowing that in the end the system either crashes or the unfeeling abyss yields to a heat death via entropy.
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    Programmers are good at abstracting problems in their mind to translate it to working logic. But when you can’t make that abstraction, then the state of your mind is left like you just watched all Vsauce videos, minus the knowledge part.
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