Why are all the developers non-athletic? I have never seen a bodybuilder developer and not much sports events happens in a software company !!

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    bodybuilding requires *A LOT* of time. Devs spend all this time for development
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    @jakuho you can prove OP wrong
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    @netikras Most devs I know work 8-9h a day, so plenty of time to go to gym if they want to. I know at least one who goes regularly; I used to go too and maybe will return to that once I sort a few things out.

    There is plenty of non devs who don't go to gym and I think that it doesn't matter what job you have.
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    Because we’re working on those mental gainz #KNOWLEDGE. But in all seriousness I think it’s because working out is boring and devs are smart by and large. We became developers so we could automate boring repetitive tasks not do them over and over at the gym. Myself I don’t care about getting ripped either so I try to do enough exercise to not get fat which for me works out to about 30 minutes of walking every day and watching my diet.
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    @arraysstartat1 Uhem might I introduce you to John from Simple Programmer
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    @arraysstartat1 Most devs also realize being a body builder isn't necessary.

    Many of them go to the gym to stay healthy and in shape, but there's no real reason to be one of those big ass muscle dudes.

    @ OP As for the "non sporting" part (dunno if you meant playing or watching, but assuming you mean watching), then that's literally all I watch in my free time. Ever.
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    Here's an athletic one.
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    @asinglenoob Yeah, it is boring, just like many other physical activities. But once you start doing it regularly you should feel pleasure from working out as your brain starts to release endorphins (opioid produced by our own body). It is also nice way of relaxing your brain, since you don't have to use it too much.

    @Stuxnet Yeah, depends on what your definition of bodybuilder is. My coworker goes to gym about 3/4 times per week for 1-1.5h and looks more or less like this dude from picture (as far as muscle goes).
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    @GurvirBhogal as @cursee said..

    1) I do sport and even competition since years on trial byke, table tennis, gym and more..

    2) The company i work for organize little sports events between us, and sometime external ones for care cause

    3) I'm clearly not the only one, meet more people and devs.

    4) Why the fuck should it matters?
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    I know a developer who is basically a Spartan. And apart from this , I highly respect him since he always calm open, and basically it was legendary good feeling to work with him. A person without bias. He changed my view without even knowing.
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    @Jakuho it matters because we spend most of our time sitting
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    @GurvirBhogal being healthy != being a body builder.

    Many have time to go to the gym in order to stay in shape, or at least relatively in shape. Many do not have the necessary time to be a fucking body builder because it takes many hours of strict dieting and shit. For us, it's more advantageous to work on projects to expand our horizon than it is to be able to bench a lot of weight.
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