I like to do astronomy and (very) basic astrophotography. First shot I took was of our moon. I try to get out at least once a week (depending on the conditions).

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    Looks like raindrops on the moon are bigger then those on earth.
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    @vane they are drops of cheese and cheese is denser than water so it makes larger circles
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    @electrineer Now I need a big knife and even bigger spaceship to cut this cheese in half and see what’s inside.
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    @vane I’ll bring the crackers and tea.
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    My dad had a Questar 5000. The sucker had a 5000mm lense and a drive motor. You could count the rings around Saturn with it. I took it to the beach a few times, but was using it to look at other heavenly bodies. Eh, I was a teenager.
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    Nice phone camera
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