New hire commit:

Message: Visual update

Gitlab: Showing 27 changed files with 21628 additions and 12296 deletions

Do I kill him before or after teaching him?

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    Did he covert tabs to spaces?
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    Revert his commits.

    Forbid pushes for his account.

    Wait till he shows up.

    Then explain.
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    I only changed 1 line, I swear!
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    @C0D4 hmmmm 4460 is equal to 4460. From that, Sherlock Holmes could infer time, location, committer (hehe), motive and all the rest of the case.
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    Kill while teaching.
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    Teach first, kill later.
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    @cursee @NoMad hueaheu gonna teach by killing
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    just kill.. the teaching will be a waste of your time, because he'll be dead anyway
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    Why do people not check their diffs before committing? :(
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    @filthyranter because he is the master fucker frontend Jedi master, why would he?
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    @C0D4 maybe you changed the class name
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    @NoMad 😂😂
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    @bikki previous dev would have used tabs + had a habit of leaving white space at the end of every line.

    I pressed save and bam, No more tabs.
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    How did he get hired in the first place?
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    Did he change /n with /r/n or reverse? Worked with people on several projects where they kept doing that due to misconfigured git on Windows.
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    Teach once
    Remind twice
    Punish twice
    Fire once

    That's enough chances even for an intern.

    Edit: but obviously don't accept commits like that. wtf.
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