I ordered something online.

Autofill fucks up my address but I don't notice it. Get the notification that it's out for delivery. Go check my PO box after I see the USPS driver leave the complex. Package isn't here.

What the fuck?

Check the email only to notice I fucked the address up and there's literally no street name. Just my apartment number for the PO box. Well hopefully it gets taken back to the USPS store and I have to pick it up bc if not, then God only knows where it's at because I sure as fuck won't.

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    @TheDane thank you for your ticket, we have ran multiple tests with address details and all tests pass. We believe this is a user error.
    Ticket closed!
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    Something similar happened to me bro. It will get sent back :)
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    Why is it even possible to submit the form without having entered a street address? That IS a bug! And that an appartment number isn't a PO number should also be caught.
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    Let me guess: you use Google Chrome? Its address autofill feature is so fucking bad! It just never gets it right.

    I know, I know... If programmers actually programmed their forms in a way that Chrome could actually autofill them.... But Chrome isn't the user, the user is the user. And we all know users are monkeys, but compared to Chrome they are hyper intelligent beings when it comes to address forms! 😠🤣
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    There are legitimate addresses that don't have street names. Truth is addresses are so various, putting any kind of mandatory field in an address is difficult, there will be edge cases.
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    @Fast-Nop There are German villages without street names, for example.
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    I have your package. Send me your address together with 1 Bitcoin in 24 hours.
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    I have your Bitcoin. Send me your adress together with 1 package in 24 hours.
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    If you entered the postcode correctly it should arrive still. People make mistakes in addresses all the time, so unless there’s absolutely no way to figure out it they will try to deliver it. If they can’t, it will be returned to the sender.
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    Got a call while I was in class today but a voicemail was left.

    It was from the Post Office closest to me saying they tracked down my package and it'll get delivered today.

    Just got the email saying it was delivered.

    Phew makes me feel better lol
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    @hell I have your address. Send me your Bitcoin together with 1 package in 24hs.
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