Guy studies programming for a year.
Guy: I am going to start this amazing project wanna help
Me: Sure what is it
Guy: ***Long story of a decent idea***
Me: Sure Ill help, what do you need me to do
Guy: Only a few functions
A few days later...
Guy: Hey I don't where to start or how I should do it can you help me with like THE WHOLE PROGRAM?

If you haven't gathered from this story. Don't be that one guy who has an idea but doesn't write or make a plan for it as your just going to waste other peoples energy and resources.

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    My takeaway was, "don't be the one who helps him."
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    @bahua you gotta give some people the benefit of the doubt
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    @bahua I get a "I'm too good to help someone learn the process" vibe as well
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    @Stuxnet not what I was trying to portray. I myself know I am not better than anyone as I still have a lot to learn myself, however, it is the attitude of not trying to search for the answer yourself first through either trial and error or reading online before asking someone who is already doing something for you. If he had gone and researched or even written broken code and showed it to me I wouldn't have cared I would've helped but the thing is it didn't feel like he tried anything he didn't even have code to show me or what he was searching about. I feel like I'm going to have to defend myself the whole time for this post but oh well.

    Sorry to make it seem like a duck post on all the learners. It's not it's just on those select few that don't try to do things themselves first once they know they have someone else who can do it for them
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    When I said, "takeaway," I did not mean, "this is what I think you're trying to tell me." I meant that my reaction to the story has taught me a lesson, based largely on my own experience.
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    @jirubizu Oh sorry I wasn't trying to imply you're a dick or anything.

    I guess I just assumed this was the first time and that maybe you could have served as the bridge of traditional learning to being self taught. For me, this bridge was someone helping me install Linux for the first time. Now, I know how to go about doing it myself or figuring out how to do it.

    But if they're repeatedly doing this, then i definitely understand where you're coming from.
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    @Stuxnet yeah that was the approach I was going for, guess my English is still shit
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    the correct answer to this is: "sure buddy, no problem, my rate is $X per hour :)"
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