$ ng generate component gofuckyourself

I am having a fun time learning Angular. It’s way different from React.

I do like the css scoping a lot. Also it’s strange to not have to deal with state.

I am learning it because I see the job market requiring it as opposed to React.

Any React peeps feel me?

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    Nah, i did a lot of Angular in the past, but i am never going back to a solution that involves two way binding.
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    Where I am from, pretty much all the good paying jobs are government jobs and they use angular and .Net or Java.

    All the languages and frameworks I detest.

    I love React and my learning so far with angular has been pretty awful. It’s convoluted and too many dam files.
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    Here in the Netherlands it’s the same. Government stuff is very oftenly Angular. But luckily there are tons of React vacancies. I’m actually having a hard time recruiting new React colleagues!
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