INTERVIEW. It tells everything about the company. I recently applied for a "big" company for the position of ML Engineer. The Job description was like "someone with good knowledge of visual recognition, deep learning, advanced ML stuff, etc." I thought great, I might be a good fit. A guy called me the next day. Introduced himself as a manager of the Data Science team with 8+ years of experience. Started the talk saying "it is just an informal intro". But things escalated very quickly. Started shooting Data Science questions. He was asking questions in a very bookish way. Tells me to recite formulas (like big formulas). When I explained to him a concept, he was not understanding anything. Wanted a very bookish answer. I quickly realized I know more about ML stuff than him (not a big deal) and he is arrogant as fuck (not accepting my answers). Plus, he has no knowledge about Deep Learning. At the very end, he tells me "man, you need to clear up your fundamentals". WTH??? My fundamentals. Okay, I am not Einstein or Hinton, but I know I was answering things correctly. I have read books and research papers and blogs and all. When I don't know about things, I tell straight away. I don't cook answers. So the "interview" ended. I searched that man on LinkedIn. Got to know he teaches college students Data Science and ML. For a fee of 50,000 INR. It's a big amount!! Considering the things he teaches. You can find the same stuff (with far higher quality) free of cost (on Coursera, Udacity, YouTube, free books, what not). He is a cheater. He is making fool of college students. That is why I sometimes hate "experience". 8+ years of exp and he is such an a**hole!! BTW, I thanked God for saving me from that company. Can't imagine such an arrogant boss.

TLDR: Be vigilant during interviews. It tells a lot about the company.

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    @ganjaman Then you for fuck don't know anything about ML. I am 6 months out of college and I am building a recommendation system using the data no one knew would be useful and training a model no one had the slightest idea (though my current team has 4 data scientists). It is not as easy as you think. There are so many things to consider before "training it in tensorflow". In short, fuck you.
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    So you are 6 months outta college what means you are at intern level, training tensorflow models, aite chief gotcha.
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    @ganjaman It was not Data Science question I was uncomfortable with. It was his attitude with my answers. Asks about Class Imbalance and I tell him myriads of ways to handle it (along with the context where they will be applied) but he was working like a "Keyword Detector". "Bootstrap" was the word he wanted to detect. My explanation was not hitting him. When I uttered "Bootstrap", he literally jumped saying "Yes... now you are saying it". Fuck you. Read the whole answer.
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