Well.... Bad documented API, ehmm... thinking to fast, not noticing an id that is sent with the 'get' function... 5 hours later, 2 minute fix because I had an EUREKA moment. Fucking shitting heck, these are the fucking moments in life you want to scream your body out and kill yourself.

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    Just last week I spent a whole week on a proprietary VMS system that had bad API docs, wondering why my POST request doesn't return anything, the body is basically empty (the POST method is to search something Btw), and just realizing that in the HEADER (yes you heard that right), there are parameters called "source" and I should call GET request to that value, and NOT single mention about getting the result from there! Wtf!
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    @muhwyndham wtf indeed! That's something awful, I still am confused with a component in my Vue app cause it isn't showing up any more only when I push my recently created 'add' button.

    I didn't change anything related to rendering that component like wtf. Well, I think it is supposed to be that way, I am after all not a Front-End Developer hehehehe.
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