How the fuck do people have an amazing GitHub profile full of contribution while still working and having a social Life??

Am I missing some secret or trick?

This struggle is real...

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    They multithread reality
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    When I started work I was around a lot of people who did tonnes of personal projects outside of work and I felt really inadequate. The more time I spent I realised that was the exception and not the norm.
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    You have to create a private repo "social-life" and push all your bash executables in that repo.

    Or probably that's why I'm still single. 😥
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    @varundey my girl really liked that i have so much stuff
    and she wasn't a dev
    now she wants to learn and learns
    use opensource as your power on geek-girls and you will receive profit in this field :)
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    What makes you think they also have a social life?
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    @mclovinit apparently, "fuck" isn't one of the steps.
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    Also sometimes you get “free time“ to work on the opensource tools you need or in my case i may sometimes push additions to a library i made for a project
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    Maybe some of you don't know that since recently you can also show your private contributions: https://github.com/blog/...
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    Make a cron that pushes random line of code daily into a public repo. I don't see the point tho. Do companies really check this sort of stuff?
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    @IceCoolTea Haha, I guess that's not really useful...
    I mean, last time I was looking for a job companies/recruiter were asking (not requiring) to include your GutHub username.. so I guess it's, from a point of view, a way to prove your knowledge.
    Just think about how many guys can't "FizzBuzz"
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    1 commit a day keeps the bugs away.
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    I have the same question for life in general... people seem to have loads of money and free time at the same time... What am I missing? If I want money I have to work... :-/

    As for GitHub, we use it for work. I have thousands of commits into private repos. Public? 0. Lol.
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    Same with school, social life and free time.
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    @Gauthier he might know them
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