Imagine if you will, a fictional world outside our own.

In this world, the requirement for getting a drivers licenses is 4 years of research into quantum mechanics.

- Was it interesting? Yeah.

- Did I learn it because I had to? Yup.

- Will I use the harmonic oscillation calculations of a particle when driving my car. Fuck no!

- Did it cost me an ungodly amount of money? It sure did!

- Will some dumb people still say it was useful because it is the minimum (fictional) barrier to entry for driving a car. You bet your sweet ass they will!!!

It was about as useful as any made up requirement, make-work, self-funding, circle-jerking, waste or time and money to feed the pockets of people who are too scared to do actual work so they teach, can be.

I paid all that money to be taught technology that was old when my mother was in school.

In the first year out of school, with only a $300 subscription to PluralSight some uDemy courses and hard work, I learned 100X as much as everything they put in front of me in school.


School has its place.

Children who don't understand the importance of learning and need their hand help.

Adult children (some of which on on their 3rd or 4th degree) who also need their hand held.

People too afraid to enter the real world.



I would do it again because it is the minimum requirement of entry, but thats nothing more than a bullshit make-work project.

Play their game as long as you need to. Keep your own game in mind. Don't drink the koolaid, just fake a sip. Then when the time is right, play by your own rules.


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    Also, for clarity. I did a CS degree. Not Quantum mechanics. But for some unknown reason it actually included 2 course on quantum mechanics and special relativity.

    Because, ya know. Gotta pay some teachers salary...
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    Man, fuck, that was some cold truth right there. Really relatable.

    Thanks for the advice. I'm just beginning to play by my own rules..
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    Yeah. I am currently doing some technical work for a theatre play at my school. I do it voluntary and the best part is that I haven't learned any of the things required for doing this work in school
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    My only wish is that there was a way to upvote this post more than once.
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