Me: Ok, this sounds like a good idea, however we need to consult the Act to ensure we're not breaking any laws by requesting this new information and making it mandatory.

Boss: I am trying to ensure good database management and data design principles, why can't you just agree with me?

Me:... I agree with you... But changing up the process like this may put us in hot water, let's just check to ensure we're good on the legal front --

Boss: The law is just a guide. My primary concern and your concern should be the design of this database and ensuring we stick to good data management principles!

Me and other technical staff: 👀

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    Sounds like my previous druggie boss.
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    Well, the minister for inner affairs in Austria agrees with your boss. In his case, he demanded on TV that politicians should be allowed to do what ever they want. Guess he's sick of being overruled by judges all the time.

    So no, not surprised in the least, that people think that way.
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    @frstrtd2v oh man, that's some next level 💩
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    @Root druggie, you say? 😂😂
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    @kshep92 LSD and shrooms. While at work. While talking to clients. And especially while talking to investors. It made him "more aware, more creative," and gave him "a feeling of enlightenment."

    Dude was tripping while playing CEO. Also offered it to coworkers.

    It's no wonder the company is out of money and can't afford my backpay (I quit in December, and they owe me several thousand). Who the hell would invest in a company run by someone regularly dosing hallucinogens?
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    @Root now hold on there buckaroo, Steve Jobs used to drop acid... Your last boss might be on to something
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