Anybody got good source of how to install Arch Linux alongside with Windows? Cause arch wiki is killing me.

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    It's simple.. Get another hdd. Put them side by side. Install arch on one of them.
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    @imerljak and make sure to only have one hdd plugged in when you install an OS just to make sure the installation does not touch the other drive
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    Or if you're lazy, Manjaro
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    @LombArd oh.. I guess I'm lazy them 😅
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    @imerljak you and I both mate, you and I both
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    I personally didn't had any problem, I just created unallocated space from windows and installed Arch using that space. Later I added entry of windows in grub. And done.
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    Two HDDs or at least a separate usb or something for the bootloader. Otherwise your next rant will be about windows killing your bootloader.
    Also if you're just getting started, think about trying a simpler distro first. If you're somewhat experienced or don't mind some higher put bar, hack on
    Have fub
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    @Kimmax I am definately not a beginner. I used a lot of different distros. Just can't understand this wikis. They are too chaotic to me. Also. I already figured it out
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    You could go the easy way: https://medium.com/@mudrii/...
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    If you can't install arch, don't install arch
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    @mundo03 words of wisdom
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