I honestly have no energy to even type this out because this is so draining, but here goes.

I am usually very calm and can keep my composure well, but boy do you push my limits. Do you think my work is so easy that it’s just “a bunch of queries and simple logic”? Well, fine. YOU FUCKING DO IT.. right before I grab you by your fucking neck and shove your face repeatedly into the keyboard. You even have the audacity to give us a project and come the very next fucking day and repeatedly keep asking us “iS iT FiNisHeD yEt?” so much and annoy even the calmest in our team even when we clearly stated that it was going to take us 30 work days to fucking finish it. Do you not know what a working day is? 30 work days is not the same as 30 days you dumbfuck. You have no idea how any of these work and yet you preach your bullshit and waste our fucking time when we could have used that time better to finish our work. THIS IS WHY EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE KEEPS LEAVING AND WHY THIS COMPANY HAS A VERY LOW EMPLOYEE RETENTION RATE. You won’t even let me finish my fucking lunch in peace. We have 45 minutes for lunch and since I’ve been eating out for almost the past year (I live alone and don’t usually have time to make food at home because of my hour and a half long commute), a close friend of mine’s mom reached out to and said “Hey, since you’ve been usually getting food from outside, why not join us for lunch?”, so I did and it was the most amazing food ever. Mind you, this was the first time I’ve ever left work myself to have lunch since I joined. I did get 10 minutes late because lunchtime tends to fall around the time where the schools close for the day (no shit) and school traffic is usually insane, and you unsurprisingly decided to make an issue out of a non-issue especially since I’M THE ONLY FUCKING PERSON WORKING IN THE COMPANY and also dock my pay for that. Let me also include the time where our one of the others in the management gave us a quick project that was to be quickly finished while we working on an existing project so we put aside a day just to complete and ship the app and the features and as usual, you decided to make an issue out of a non-issue and decided to shame us publicly and even made (my now former) colleague cry. You’re just a spoiled, selfish, ignorant nit-witted fucking imbecile who has no idea how to even properly run a business. Get fucked in the arse with a cactus. I'm done. I've held on for so long but this is the last straw. I'll be handing my letter of resignation soon. Good luck with running a company without any employees.

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    Good on you!

    I left my previous job three weeks before their busiest time of the year because I was fucking fed up with their endless fucking bullshit. My boss/CEO chewing my ass for forty fucking minutes in front of everyone over something stupid, regularly dropping acid and shrooms, demanding gigantic features like an anti-fraud system in a goddamn week, constantly changing priorities, demanding every freaking feature he needs for sales, then dropping them in favor of new features for new sales, ignoring every fucking thing I say/type, ... . The list goes on and on and on and on.

    I had enough.
    Now he has no devs.

    And if he doesn't pay me my $5k in back wages soon, he's going to have a lawsuit, too.

    Fuck him.
    And fuck your asshole ex-manager, too.
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    Nice rant. Bad job. Poor you.
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    Well what can we do? We are just high paid slaves 😕
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    Ew, kill it with fire! And stand your ground. What an asshole, I hope he feels the pain when he's all alone with his dumb product and no devs to make it.
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    Holy shit dude... I hope you can live out your notice period or have vacation left and can recover from this shit experience. Best of luck finding a new job!
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    @Devnergy At least we don't have to mine at the literal coalface, mind you.
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    @lazyDev why would your daughter hate you just because you quit from a toxic job?

    Do you think she will be happy with an unhappy, always angry, depressed dad?
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    @navitas maybe your situation was a setup. Like an office politics so they can get rid of you? What do you think of his theory?
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    @cursee it's better to eat and have a house than just have a depressed dad
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    A toast for asshole employers!

    So may them be burned and thrown to a river :)

    I once had a bad job, not that bad as yours but I really didn't want to keep going there, thing is, my project leader was actually the best, and I kind of owed him, so I decided to endure the bad job until the end of the project and then quited.
    But I just wanted so much to have their project destroyed somehow so they never could profit from my excess of work... our monthly salary was about 40$, and in two years time a team of 7 people managed to build a whole bank system from scratch, which they were billing more than a million $ for, and as a reward for finishing it we got a 100$ note each of us, fuck them twice without lubrication...

    So to sum up, please do destroy everything you can before leaving in the name of all of us developers who suffer from all of those bastards, and let us know :)
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    @ZioCain ummm yes ? 🤔😶
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    @jjimenez $40 a month? Please tell me that's a typo.
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    @Root I'm afraid it's not, here in my country that's what I can get in a local company, and it's not actually 40$, it's about that in our local currency, and we're currently in hyperinflation so next day those aren't 40$ anymore. The best paying company in my city offers about 400$ in the best scenario but you literally have to give your soul away. So the best we can do is to work freelance for employers abroad but as soon as they know we're from here they take advantage of our situation, so we've become the cheap slave workers.
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    @jjimenez Ahh, the joys of stage-4 socialism.

    Hopefully your country regains some sanity soon!
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    @Root hopefully, meanwhile I'm working on a escape haha
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    @jjimenez Actually, I guess that would be stage-3; stage-4 is when it spreads.

    Good on you for trying to escape, though! Just don't vote for socialism elsewhere lol
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    @Devnergy maybe create our own company with devs, sys admins, db admins, electrician and other people who did something IT related, but no fucking HR people, sales people and project managers who have no fucking idea of what's going on.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- and who will find and manage the cash?
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    @cursee that, my friend, is the problem
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    "I have no energy to write this"

    *Writes a fucking metric Megaton of shit*

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