My productivity has gradually increased untill now by using:

Linux-server+VSCode (+Git+Terminal)+tmux+tmux-resurrect

Any further suggestion on dev tooling setup would be appreciated.

I primarily work on DevOps projects - bash scripts, linux server apps, containers, kubernetes,

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    Not so much anything new, just a few things to supercharge your current setup :)

    Nice .tmux.conf file - https://github.com/gpakosz/.tmux

    And then using neovim, which is an editor built on top of vim.

    And lastly using zsh, although it seems like you are already. If you're interested, you can take a look at my dotfiles here: https://github.com/KSiig/configs
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    @KasperNS Thanks for the useful suggestion. Would certainly look into it.

    *'rd your GitHub repo.
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    @ajit555 Always happy to help. And thanks for the *
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    @KasperNS Yeah, I am the first one to star it. Wishing you many many stars going ahead.
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    @ajit555 well I made it two days ago, so it's off to a great start :D
    The plan is to include some script as well, so when I spin up a new server, I can just run ./install and I have entirely the same terminal setup as I'm used to
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    @KasperNS Thats a great idea. I am going to copy it too. Hope to pick up zsh soon, since becoming jealous of all colorful terminal with so many useful customization.
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    @ajit555 zsh is really great, and it's not just colors. When you do tab+tab to list possible completions, you can navigate through the completions with the arrow keys. And if you use tab to complete folder names and such, it'll automatically correct the correct case
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    Nice setup. I didn't know about tmux-resurrect, thanks for that!

    No shell discussion is complete without mentioning fish ("friendly interactive shell"). I wouldn't know whether zsh or fish is better. I don't customize my shell much and I preferred fish out-of-the box is all I can say.

    As for tools, I recommend "thefuck" (corrects your previous console command) and "dtrx" ("do the right extraction", no futzing with tar or unzip).
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    pretty similar to my setup... my man...
    zsh (with oh my zsh) and nvim are the missing pieces here
    and ditching vs code altogether lol
    I'm gonna assume that your linux server will rarely go off, and you have tmux resurrect for thay unlikely but possible scenario and kust connect to the tmux session when you ssj into it, agree?
    also what terminal? I recommend alacritty for speed, hyper for looks
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    @gtarsia and everyone,

    Lots of useful tools. Would certainly look into as suggested by my expert linux fellows :)

    I am entering linux world after many many years in Windows + Windows Server + .Net + SQL Server. So still learning the ropes of Linux world, and sticking to basic tools before being adventures.

    Till I develop my muscle memory for Vim commands (which ofcourse picking up slowly), would stick to VSCode for day to day work.

    zsh is on my next immediate list though, I love the functionality as well as looks.

    I like to document everything I do, so VSCode + Markdown for commands and explanations.

    My linux server is an old Dell workstation laptop, which i switch off every night, so resurrect saves me lots of time and repetitive work.

    My client machine is still windows 10, so terminal is MobaXTerm (standalone) + VSCode terminal using bash from Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) .
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    oh, sorry for recommending neovim lightly, it takes some weeks to get into, i thought you had mentioned vim initially

    your setup sounds very sensible, good work

    if you ever want to try vim, i recommend thoughtbots vim tutorials, very down to earth
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