was at a hackathon, had to write an app that sent current location to emergency contact. hard coded the location of where the hackathon was taking place and one of the members phone numbers. we came second

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    That's sad actually.
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    had 2 hours left which involved testing, it had to be done @veslav
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    @sulemartin87 well fake it till you make shouldn't be that bad.
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    That's how hackathons work. No one who one anything at a hackathon didn't fake at least one major part of their submission
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    I ve never been to a hackaton. So... No one is checking the code ?
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    not really, they only care about the product @liverreich
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    @sulemartin87 then what's the point? "this is a nice idea but we can't implement it"?
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    Have a Hackathon coming up next week. And in keeping with the ancient traditions of hackathons, I'm stealing your idea.
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    I actually did something very similar! It was at a hackathon and we had to do something very similar to make it work end moment (it was working before but suddenly stopped and I had no idea why)
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    As if getting location is tricky on mobile phone :p
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    Getting location in an app is really easy :)
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    Um, I don't want to burst your bubble.
    Did this app for iOS years ago, failed miserably.
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    Nailed it
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    Hard coding saves a lot of hurdles
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