Trying to write a program a la `man` in ncurses and just, is this hell?

I just want a floating header, a scrollable main body that reads from a file, and a command line footer, why is that so difficult? I finally got it to handle resizing terminals but now I need to try to compile it for windows, which does have unofficial ports of ncurses, but I have no idea how to use them.

Should I just restrict the windows version to a non-interactive command instead of a TUI like I want?

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    The windows console automatically moves the whole buffer up by one if you write to the last char at the bottom-right.

    I had this painful experience while having made a program on my Linux PC, then switched over to my laptop, which runs Windows because it's no use running Linux in a very Microsoft-ey environment (school), and notice it not working. Writing everything but the last char when I'm on the last line fixed my issues.
    Meanwhile, no terminal on Linux did this shit.
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    Just a hint for the future, maybe.

    TUIs are still nice though! And they produce the better feeling in you because you made a UI instead of a command interpreter.
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