Team leader sets up meeting for Monday morning on Sunday. In the scrum group Whatsapp. Ahhhh!

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    NEVER allow using your private number for job purpose. Use a company mobile if necessary and switch it off after leaving.
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    Don't entertain them outside of your work life
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    I dont see the issue? Just dont feel obliged to respond to it, but its good to know there is a meeting. If you dont want to know outside working hours then mute it?
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    If you see the notification beforehand, just don't go and read the whole thing because that will mark it as read.
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    @Meta so what, it doesnt matter if you read it or not. As long as you state your employee mark your boundries it will be fine. Ive never had any issues with not responding in the weekend.
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    @rutee07 Maybe it's better to pretend that you had some important personal appointment that morning and you could no longer reschedule it.
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