HR: "We want to hire you, but we shouldn't until after we finish this migration and set up an onboarding process. That should take about two weeks; is this okay?"
Me: "Yes, of course."

... two and a half weeks later ...

Me: "Hey, it's been awhile since our last chat. How's the migration and onboarding process going?" etc.


This is the same company that had me sitting by the phone waiting for an interview an entire day, and let me know their schedule got booked for the day three minutes before they went home. gg.

I should tell them to get bent.

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    I would leave them be. Not worth it. Internal processes seem to be a chaos, working in that env is likely to be toxic
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    I hate those bustards..
    That's why I am trying to find a way to achieve freedom from those companies..
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    @netikras I definitely agree. From what I've seen of the company, I see chaos. I'll keep looking, though with our finances (due to missing backpay...) I may be forced to take something soon. 🙁
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    I had a similar situation a while ago, those are huge red flags and u deserve better!!!!
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    If the hiring process is fucked up like that, chances are high, that the real work environment is as screwed as that.
    And if you have already seen chaos, then I keep my fingers crossed that you find something better soon, and can give those unreliable bastards a wide berth!
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    I got into a situation similar to this. Turns out the company laid off 40% of their staff 2 months later.
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    Got call from my current boss at 2pm. Went for the interview at 4pm and was hired at 5:30.
    This was 2 years ago...
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    "That should take about two weeks; is this okay?"

    My response would have been:

    "I'm afraid I have other offers on the table and can't guarantee that I'll be available after two weeks."

    If they're going to ever get their arses in gear, that might kick them into action. You may have unwittingly given the wrong impression that you were prepared to wait "about two weeks" (which may mean a month and a half in practice.)
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    Was it Myspace? They fucked up a migration hard
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    Get the job, gain their trust, fuck things up, disappear.
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    Run! Run as fast as your feet can carry you.
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    @AlmondSauce I was very clear that I was still going to be actively interviewing elsewhere during those two weeks.

    @dUcKtYpEd Truth.

    @hash-table Nope. I had been looking prior, but hadn't found anything. It got too awful, even for me, and I just left. They still don't have any devs.

    @gradlefailed I've has this happen. It's nice. but I always feel like I could have found something better.

    @steaksauce haha they totally did

    @nam17887 So not my thing.

    @lazyDev I'm also trying to earn my freedom. Being "job optional" sounds wonderful 😊. Maybe in a few years!

    @djakonovic Sorely tempted. I'll see how my job search goes
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    @Yamakuzure spot on!

    For all those who are like “you can step into a leadership and fix things”...No you cannot! It takes a lot of effort and time before you realize that you cannot fix what their parents family and friends didn’t or gave up on.
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    @Root I would suggest looking for a company with good culture where you can grow and learn in engaging environment. Working in toxic environment will make you burn out quickly. You might start hating your job and changing the way you look at people.

    I am keeping my finger crossed for you!
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    See if you can find the listing from Great Place To Work for your country or area. All businesses on that list are certified with regards to culture, processes and such. Sure, there will be better places to work out there that are not evaluated, but I think it is a good place to start your resume spamming endeavour. 😉
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    @Hakash Thanks!
    I wasn't aware there was such a list. I'll take a look 😊
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    @Nanos use this, then find your country: http://www.greatplacetowork.net
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    For those in the US, here is the list of latest lists: https://greatplacetowork.com/best-w...
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    @Nanos you don't really see Gartner serving maps showing market leaders X miles from you either? 😉 Most countries only get one list.

    How about you take the list, feed it into a script that fetches their address from Yellow pages or something, plot in Google Maps and do your calculations 🤓

    Seriously though... Some of those might take remote workers, so distance might be irrelevant 😃
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    HR finally responded and said they'd have to restart the interview process all over again because "the devs just didn't listen and botched the interview questions"

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    @hash-table I just haven't gotten many responses; not really sure why. And those responses I have gotten have been from pretty disorganized places I'm not really keen on working for. Or places that require lots of travel and socializing.

    I've gotten a few interested clients, too, but thus far none willing to pay.
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    @hash-table Thanks! 😊

    And yeah, I will.
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