bladder: I got to pee.
me: NO! To deep in code zone.

[20 mins pass]
bladder: I got to pee.
me: NO! Let me finish this.

[30 mins pass]
bladder: I'VE GOT TO PEE
me: NO! In a zone.

[5 mins pass]
bladder: GO! GO! GO!
me: D**n you bladder.

I hate this game. I lose every time.

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    Guess what I use phone for when in such situation. Bless the cloud. I have git repos synced through cloud, so everywhere I go I can calmly drop my ass and continue where I stop or even code on the go. Pity that android doesn't come with git preinstalled, it'd be much better.
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    I also get this while at the poker table
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    @KeyWeeUsr Excellent idea
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    @bdonald local repo synced, which means even protection against hardware corruption if the cloud provides file versions + remote as a backup. Beautiful. :)
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    You probably shouldn't push it. Holding back the pee will cause issues later on
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    @xroad I'm quite aware of that and for the most part I try not to. In those times when my brain is really firing and I seem to making good progress; that's when these games begin. "I know I need to stop and go, but I've got to work this out. Because walking away now could mean losing the focus." There aren't many wins here.
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    i was in the situation. except it is called lunch and dinner... need few hours back to the coding trance.
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