mysql server crashes every 18 days, no oom, no crash logs, no sigkill being sent (used auditd). so I figure it's a unknown corner case bug in mysql. now I use a cron job to restart the damn thing every week at 3am, not a problem anymore

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    Why not migrate db to a new host
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    Every 18 days at the same time?
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    @donkeyScript 18 days around 11pm-3am cst
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    Hmm, sounds like a cron job was created to kill the server every 3 weeks.
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    @NullBot sounds like it but I checked for it, nothing that messes with mysql. besides a weekly restart wouldn't fix that. my first thought was that it was running out of open files but I monitored that also and got nowhere. but judging by my restart their might be a problem in the cleanup somewhere since 11pm-3am is the quite time on the server
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    @jckimble Since I had a similar problem on a previous job of mine, are you sure there isn't an overly eager cleaning lady that unplugs everything to wipe the sockets?
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    @Godisalie same thing about the cron fixing the problem, and if the kernel was sending a sigkill auditd would have caught it
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    @jckimble I do like a good mystery.
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