True story 😂

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    I hereby give you your first ++ on devRant
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    Looks like my git commit tree in that order
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    My current project
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    My blueprints in unreal 😂
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    your node_modules folder in 3 hours
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    My Satisfactory map 24 hours after Early Access launched
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    @bittersweet i was looking for something like this. no way your code is that structured two months into a project :-p
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    I'm 3 years in, 29 million lines of code.

    A lot of problems are caused by race conditions. Which are no fun in PHP. Trying to write better async mechanisms for workers & redis-managed queues.

    I thought the photo was appropriate, although it should be a million parallel pieces of rails with thousands of trains, many of which horizontally crashed against concrete pillars, luggage and bloody corpses everywhere, oh god, the corpses, they're everywhere
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    @DustInCompetent my train stations in factorio... oh wait
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    Is that Von Neumann's bottle neck by any chance
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