Big company asking me about query optimization during a DEV position interview... Do you really have no one better than me to optimize your queries?

I'm really afraid of your codebase now... Might decline if I pass...

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    The company I work for, the developers write and optimize the queries that the application uses, so I would think it's a fair question.
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    If the devs are writing the queries, they should know how to optimise them.
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    @iAmNaN @C0D4 I get this, but wouldn't you imagine that a mission critical millions worth company would have people specialized in doing that?
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    @hell nope. not every company is Google. Having specialists is one thing - and sometimes a necessary. having them for every section of their projects is another.
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    @C0D4 I get that, just imagined that some place with 300+ devs would have a database team...
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    @hell 300 devs?
    Then yes, I would expect some specialists in there somewhere otherwise they are just throwing “man power” at a problem for delivering quicker.
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    @hell we have three types of folks who write queries. App Developers, ETL Developers, and Analysts. The reason being, those are people who know best what information need to be returned. Basically, they are the specialists. DBA's may help with some optimization, like determining if an index is needed, but the devs do most of the work.
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