I’m currently a trucker and can’t get my shit together, studied html css JavaScript Xcode and Python... Now I’m watching electronics and automation videos.. I’m losing my shit idk what needs to be done I’m worst than a 3 year old kid.. Losing my Shit I love learning but I’m stuck.. Stuck? I don’t even know why I feel stuck.. Idk what I should study and focus please help, trying to leave the trucking industry..

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    You need to find something in this discipline to focus on. Do you want to do webdev, games, application development, data science, graphics, and tools, etc.? Perhaps once you’re able to focus on a subset that you’re interested in you’ll find it less overwhelming.
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    I used to work with a guy that left the trucking industry to get into dev/IT.

    1.) You have to have support if you have a family to take care of

    2.) You have to be willing to take a pay cut to get your foot in the door somewhere

    3.) Dont look for an exit if things get hard. Keep "trucking" along in your new career field.

    Best of luck and welcome!
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    Do you like being a trucker?
    If yes what kind of app or something would make your trucker life better?

    If you have an idea learn the stuff you need to realize it.

    What I would say if I had a Projekt to work on it is easier to focus and learn.
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    @JackToolsNet listen to this guy, f there was a project for trucking app, for a developer the biggest problem is to look from truckers point of view, and what should app look like... you have an advantage there, you already know what a trucker needs, so knock yourself out, it can be a big jumpstart... also, as much as you think you know now, when you go to the middle of the project you'll see how much stuff you DONT know, and thats another plus if you don't have any client to ride your back, you can fill the black spots... Good luck whatever you do
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    I recently saw a documentary of how automation is going to hit the trucking industry in USA.
    Then I saw your rant.
    Well atleast you've accepted that you need a change. The ones who are in denial will have it worse than you.
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    Personally I recommend Web development. Step 1 copy some websites without looking for NG at their source files.

    Step 2 do a udemy course and a high rated YouTube course on javascript and or C#.

    Step 3 watch a YouTube computer science series - my guess about 25-50 hours. Take notes, understand it.

    Keep making websites so as to not forget stuff.

    Step 4 apply for jobs in junior roles.

    Estimated time: 6 months full time.
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    Nahhh bunch of worthless reply’s... I thought Rant’s where ok.. 😂😂😂😂✌️
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    @M1sf3t Dude I really want to learn, I’m watching videos everyday trying to learn something.. help me out big bro!💪💪
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    @M1sf3t who are you using bro? I’ve purchased udemy courses and I understand basics already after watching so many videos. I don’t know where I’m at I understand control flow var con if else all the basic basic. What do you recommend will show me tell me “hey stop wasting your life on the road and move on to a dev career”. Hey I just purchased a 2k laptop from Apple I’m 2k + invested now..
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    @M1sf3t come on, don't bash a guy, at one point even a godlike programmer didn't know shit but eventually learned bit by bit... It's not an easy path but if a guy wants to learn then why not?
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