This literally happens almost everyday at a startup I work

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    From my experience, startups are really hard. Very tight deadlines but you will learn a lot.
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    @Devnergy Yes that is true, everyday presents a new learning experience
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    Startups and crunch.
    Two very similar ways to experience epic burnout.
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    @Root I haven't yet experienced a startup where you usually render Overtime. Also, usually no downtime - almost busy everyday
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    We are cogs in a profit and therefore dividend generating machine.
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    @Devnergy Consider yourself lucky!
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    @OP What kind of infra and languages are you on? Anything particularly hard to diagnose?
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    Fun fact this bullshit is inescapable in this industry. I now work for the US Government, the least start up culture you can think of, and we regularly get tickets to fix bizarre obscure bugs with out steps to recreate.
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    @Root Well said mate. I like you used the term "burn out"
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