Music is annoying.
Listening to music sometimes helps you focus, and other times distracts you because you're too busy "singing".

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    When I am doing repetitive tasks, music helps otherwise I prefer silence, especially when learning new concepts.
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    @ajit555 totes.

    Also instrumental music is better suited imo.
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    I would not advice you to listen to energetic music, if you need to concentrate. There are muaic genres that are better suited for being focused.

    Shameless recommendation
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    People tend to recommend ambient, calm music for focusing like chillstep or lofi, but I generally do better with high energy, zero vocals music like animals as leaders and polyphia.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Video games soundtracks - keeps you engaged, but doesn't distract, no vocals to maintain focus.

    Love me some Forza 3,6 and Unreal Tournament OSTs.
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    @rutee07 I actually never thought of podcasts. I might try that out, thanks!
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    Me every day. Classical helps when I am singing along too much to work
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