Is this what people call american dream? Like, I get it, it's targeted at 3rd world but seriously? A month of development for $500 and with excluded taxes??

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    That's actually not too bad by Indian standards, if you talk about the lower end devs. If you extend it for a year that works out to 4.13 lakh rupees per year, which is a bit lesser than the 5 lakhs per year line for being considered a "good" salary but still okay for starting out. And jobs like animation pay lesser than that.

    And 40 hours a week? Pfeh, that's way less than what these guys put in. For money per hour this is pretty decent by their standards.

    Remember that things are a lot cheaper in third world countries (purchasing power parity ratio vs the US is in our favour) so 500 dollars here can do a lot more than 500 dollars in the US.
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    @RememberMe yeah, I get that it's targeted in those markets but it's still odd when a company tries to hire intermediate/expert person for a low amount of money and expects them to be available full-time
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    @potata hmm, another thing could be that people here tend to jump into management fairly early from tech, so there aren't a lot of actually senior devs around (because it pays more generally). "Intermediate" here is a lot lower than what "intermediate" means in the US, sadly.

    Given that they're targeting a third world country already, I guess it makes sense to write that they want intermediate so that they get people with at least some experience. If they didn't write that I would guess an Indian company at least would just throw the least useful devs they could spare from other clients at this, because they work on short term profit maximisation.
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    @RememberMe This is true +- everywhere as everyone sees management as a role where the money flows. Not 100% but quite a lot.

    As for the intermediate skillset - totally agree. It's a filter but for example, as I'm searching for projects to take there - they give me good laughter as people tend to think that they will get top-notch quality service for a fifth of what they would actually pay locally :) Then again... We see those companies everywhere complaining that I've spent X amount for X period of time and received crap*...

    * Disclaimer: It's not always true but happens and is hilarious.
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    #AmericanDream #Merica
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    $13 an hour.
    Seems like the #DreamLife to me!
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    @C0D4 How did you calculate the $13/h? :) It is closed to $3/h than $13... :D
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    @potata 🧐I... actually, bad math day, you’re right $3.20/hour
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    @C0D4 Yeah, probably thought that it's 500/week or something :D
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    @potata I see why I did

    Missed the 4 week part
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    Heh, happens :) Per week, that would be a nice offer but it's per month so that's why there is a rant here :D
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    That's how much a senior engineer makes in an hour. Do they actually get people to produce correct work for that rate?
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    @toriyaki Yes. Yes they do.

    As mentioned in previous comments - there are 3rd countries that rarely make even 500$ a month, so it's high/decent salary there.

    Usually they don't care about quality as long as it works.
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    The American Dream is all over the world except America. Funny
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