Hardware of laptops today.
Displays: Glossy screens everywhere. "Hurr durr it has better colors". Idgaf what colors it has, when the only thing I can see is the wall behind me and my own reflection. Make it matte or get it out.
Touchpads: Bring back mechanical buttons. Haptic feedback dying with touchscreens/surfaces is a tragedy. "But we can have bigger touchpad area without buttons" ...why? the goal shouldn't be 1:1 touchpad vs. display ratio. It ain't a bloody tablet.
Docking stations: Some bright fucker figured out that they can utilize USB C. That thing keeps falling out with slightest laptop movement disconnecting all peripherals (guess why microUSB had those small hooks?). Also it doesn't have sufficient throughput, so the 5 years old dock can feed 3 full HD monitors just fine and the new one can't.
Keyboards: Personally I hate chiclet. And it's everywhere, because "apple has it so we must too". But the thing I hate even more is retardation of the arrow keys (up and down merged into size of one key), missing dedicated Home/End/PgDwn/PgUp buttons and somebody deciding the F keys are not needed and started replacing them with some multimedia bullshit.

My overall feeling is that this happens when you give the market to designers and customer demand. You end up with eye candy and useless fancy gadgets, with lowered ergonomy and worse features than previous generations of the same hardware. My laptop dying is my daily nightmare as I have no idea with what on the current market I would replace it.

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    I would love something like Thinkpad X62, but don't trust it in terms of support, parts, etc.. + you must do the LED mod yourself anyway.
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    Most of the thin, good looking laptops are for retarded people. Read somewhere about why Microsoft Surface Laptop did not have USB-C ports, because they were concerned that users would use mobile chargers to charge the laptop.

    No customization, everything is soldered on motherboard, CPU/GPU, RAM, even disks nowadays. Battery is glued. Any issues, pay through the nose to get it serviced.

    All retarded people want super thin laptops with low profile useless chiclet keyboard, worst thermal management like Apple and everyone is copying without any brains.
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    I'm pretty happy that I got my T460p at work, as that ticks pretty much all the boxes of good things :)
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    idk I love my MacBooks
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    Currently using an HP Compaq nx7010 for that exact reason. Mainly because it was gifted to me and I could still run Arch32 on it, but it quickly replaced my other laptop because the keyboard on that thing.. it's a pleasure to type on. Just like a desktop membrane keyboard, and good travel unlike those stupid chiclet keyboards with butterfly switches. And.. I mean, parts are easy to procure and cheap! Apparently these things sell for just €30 for a whole replacement laptop. I don't really know what I'd replace it with either to be honest.
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