Please, don't take this post seriously. I wrote it from anger.

I hate a lot of humans.

I was at a church today because family ties. I'm agnostic. That sums it up.

And now, I'm at a mall, and it's crowded, and I'm bumping into a lot of people with very low common sense. These fucking apes here have ZERO walk awareness. And a lot of them probably drive, which scares me.

When they make a line in a food shop, and the line gets too big, they curve the line so that the line can continue, like an L, but they leave TOO LITTLE GODDAMN SPACE TO WALK THROUGH!

There's a narrow ramp, next to some stairs, that I use to get to the nursery of the mall, but it also leads to the bathrooms. A lot of these disgusting beings use the ramp. Jesus fucking christ, USE THE SHITTIN FUCKING STAIRS.

tiday I was walking with the stroller the 9 month old which was (thank you alpha omega) sleeping.

I see one of those nice comfy couches, and there's a couple hugging in it but there's an empty spot. I come closer and it's occupied by their trash, some cups with ice cream.
I could not believe my eyes.
That shit's expensive. I would never leave shit with ice cream in my couch, and it's also a horrible gesture because it looks like you're denying it from others with your trash.

I just stared the trash down like really disappointed. They took the trash but I moved on because I was very salty at that point.

I find a seat next to a dad and his kid. I sit down, relieved. His daughter comes over, and almost yelling complains about him buying his brother.
I stared this little shit straight in her face because she could wake up my kid. She and her family was totally oblivious.

These are just minor events, but I come across a plethora of situations like this every day, like people turning on their turn lights 1/2 second before turning, or people that I meet on the street giving me fucking advice on raising kids.

That's the average mall experience. It's a place where selfful people thrive.

I shit you not, sometimes I imagine that a meteor strikes earth and while it makes me sad that all the people I consider kind will die, I orgasm at the thought of these filthy parasites just evaporating.

But then I realize that I'm being very cruel and intolerant. And feel guilty.

Sometimes I think that I should live in Japan or a similar place.
Japanese city people are very organized.
But then I remember that Japan has a suicide problem. And that it has a poverty problem. And a lot of outcasts. And that they barely have sex.
i dunno.

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    seconds after I wrote this...
    yeah no need to use a napkin or something...
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    seconds afterwards this fucking idiot jamming the ramp with the fucking car.
    While I go through this idiot, THIS DUMB MOTHERFUCKER washed out mom goes through the tiniest space possible between me and the guy with the car, instead of just waiting.
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    Fewer people
    Fewer problems

    I, too, hope for a doomsday asteroid.
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    Once I was walking in a supermarket and there was an old lady in front of me walking really slow so I am like OK, theres no room to go around, but we all vet old dont we? So I walk like snail behind her, but there is that one fucking bitch behind me and she is constantly ramming me from behind. First time I was like ok, it happens... Second time Im like wtf.. Fifth time I couldnt handle it, turned around and screamed if she rams me again I will shove my fucking basket straight in her ass.

    Felt sorry later, but atleast she stopped \(0.o)✓
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    I hate people so I'm so quirky and unique!!!! 🙄🙄

    Jesus Christ the social skills in IT are like Bill Cosby's consent skills.
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    @Stuxnet you never had a heated day in a crowded place or in a deadlock so you can relate with my post?

    not being able to empathize to something so common is paradoxically what you're criticizing, having bad social skills.
    That is why I prefaced my rant in devrant.com with 'don't take this post seriously'

    And I never said I was cool for hating people, as I said, I feel guilty about it.
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    @smb26 I agree, I greatly enjoy going to the mall in such occasions.

    I think I am in the smallest city with good internet around here, I wished there was an even smaller city...
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    I feel you on that meteor part. I hope your day gets better though!
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    Yeah these things are awful but honestly it sounds like you're overreacting to most of them due to lack of sleep / exhaustion (which would make sense if you have a small baby). As much this might sound impossible, try and make some time to get atleast enough rest to not feel agitated all the time.
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    @Root calm down stalin :o
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    I feel you man. Sometimes alot of small shit accumulates and starts being irritating, so I kinda take it on those around me. feel terrible afterwards. anyway, hope you find you're little peace of heaven :)
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    1. You're probably hangry and need some caffeine. Relax.
    2. 99% of people in America are terrible human beings. We tend to interpret others through our own mindset, so it's hard to actually understand how despicable and stupid most humans are. Most people don't even value rationality. Let that sink in.
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    I appreciate the support guys.
    I felt a lot more calm after posting this, in fact I feel that way about every post I did, like the problem the post is about suddenly becomes very manageable, but like for real.

    I tried ranting in other places in the past, but the reason I think worked for me here so far is because there's a lot of chill, open, receptive people here that isn't just quick to condemn or judge you and tries to relates istead of being in a fucking high horse.
    So then, you feel you can write your posts and just let it all out (as long as you're not a douchebag, ofc).

    Also, I later saw a little kid, I guess 10, a bit thin, that had a shirt that said "HUSTLE for that MUSCLE", and that display of confidence drastically improved my mood. And everything was good.
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    @toriyuno Is there a magical country where people aren't irrational and idiotic?
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    @erandria Yes. It's one of the reasons I love devRant so much 😊
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    > But then I remember that Japan has a suicide problem.

    Suicide rate is on par with the US. The prime motivation is more sociocentric though: Japanese commit suicide once they no longer feel useful to society. You don't get those bottom 10% living off some bullshit OCD disability income, wasting it on pot everyday.

    > And that they barely have sex.

    Maybe it has to do with not being bombarded with hypersexualized 12 year old role models. Westerners have watered down sex so much, it's meaningless. Yet, you crave it like sugar since you have no deeper fulfilling means to connect with someone. There is a level of intimacy and deep understanding to Japanese relationships that Westerners will never understand.
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    @Root no, it's the cruel reality. And it's crazy to think how academics/rationalists are the minority, so we're actually the crazy ones.
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    @toriyuno Aye.
    And I don't think it's fixable.

    Hence the doomsday asteroid.
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    On the other hand, I basically hate at least 95% of the population. It might be cruel but I don't really feel guilty once I see some of the absolute pieces of shit that make up most of the 95%. Then again, some of those 95% are nice people so I suppose I can let go of another couple percent but there's only so much one can excuse. Actually, I just hate the people that don't use their brain which also happens to be most of the population.
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    @rutee07 my biggest pet peeve: getting sick.

    I have a pretty bad immune system when it comes to colds. There is no such thing as a 3 day cold to me. I get wiped out for minimum 2 weeks, with another 2 weeks dry coughing.

    When I was working at a BigN, taking the bus at peak hours, going to big meetings, etc, I used to catch 4-6 colds a year. And yes, I'm meticulous about hand washing and avoiding obviously sick people. People think I was a surgeon before because of the way I thoroughly wash my hands.

    I just accepted that there was nothing I could do.

    Well. For the past couple of years, I've basically been working remotely at home. And get maybe 1 hour of real life human contact a week. Result? I've caught exactly 1 cold in 3 years. And the kicker? I'm actually on immunosuppressants that's suppose to make it 10x more likely for me to catch a cold! It's astonishing.
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    @rutee07 cunt fur lmao...

    when you're leaving the elevator and some semen gargler rushes in without checking if someone's leaving. Instant hernia.
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    @toriyuno oh yeah, that makes sense because there's a lot of motherfuckers that sneeze wide open into air, usually a middle aged person.

    or when they pee/shit and don't wash their hands.

    If you can't sneeze on your fucking elbow or wash your hands, you shouldn't be able to drive or vote.
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    @zututukulipa oh no, she fucking deserved it...
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