I landed myself an interview with a really great company for a DevOps intern position tomorrow.

Im really hopeful about this. The company truly seems like a great place to work with incredible opportunity to grow, and I desperately want to pursue a career in DevOps, but Im worried that Im underqualified. I lack true professional experience, and have really had no adequate time working with CI/CD tools, but I am very interested, excited and willing to work hard to become proficient.
Ive been prepping myself as much as I can in this last week (trying to gain familiarity with tools like jenkins, artifactory, chef etc), and so I ask to you, my fellow ranters (particularly DevOps), are there any final tips or bits of advice that I can take to really impress my interviewers and better my chances of getting this position?

Also, hello again to my old devRant pals~ I miss hanging around here and conversing with you great people

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    Don't worry about tools. They are important, but you are going to intern position, so you are going to learn. So focus how you are good candidate to learn.

    DevOps is all about culture and right mentality. Get that clear to yourself, like how to answer to question "Explain/summarize DevOps in one sentence (or 2-3 sentences)."

    Get to know basics of CALMR and also SAFe. You don't have to be expert, but know what they are.

    DevOps is my passion, I've been doing it before DevOps was hype thing and had name... So this rant tickled me enough to make account here, just to reply to you. :D
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    "are there any final tips or bits of advice that I can take to really impress my interviewers and better my chances of getting this position?"

    My golden bit of advice for any interview - *ask* intelligent questions.

    Everyone concentrates on how to *answer* questions and put themselves across as though they have all the answers and know exactly what they're doing, but way too many candidates then stumble when, towards the end of the interview, they're asked "Are there any questions you have for us at all?"

    Do your research on the company / relevant tech at hand, read any blog posts, and come up with some pointed and interesting questions that you'd genuinely like to know the answer to - then try to lead those questions into a conversation. If you do it right, you can connect with the interviewers on a more personal level, and you'll stick in their minds.
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    Random example, if you were applying to GDS (government digital services in the UK), you could look at a blog post like this (https://technology.blog.gov.uk/2016...), mention some of the points in it, and ask if they've considered moving to a FaaS based backend. Mention that as their traffic is naturally very "spikey", it seems like a textbook fit, so could this reduce costs as well as providing huge capacity when required? Or are there further practical considerations that mean it's not worth it?

    If you do that sort of thing, then you come across as someone who's genuinely interested, willing to learn, and who does their homework. That can go leaps and bounds in setting you apart from the crowd.

    Good luck!
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    What does their Job description say?
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    @acelan Well thank you! Its very nice of you to go through the extra bit of effort to help me out! I appreciate it greatly. Ill definitely look into CALMR and SAFe. Im a very nervous and anxious person naturally so im going to try my best to perk up make sure that my enthusiasm and interest is noticed.

    @AlmondSauce Thanks! I do already have a list of questions made that I plan to ask the company involving how they incorporate tools together, how their products are meant to be integrated and how they decide to handle certain tasks. I have not looked at their blog posts, but thats a great idea! Ill give it a shot
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    @meowijuanas so... How did that interview go?
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    @acelan The interview itself went kind of odd. They only asked about my college plans and why I was interested in Dev Ops. The rest of the questions and discussion were left up to me to lead. I was nervous due to this and I think it showed, but at least they got a real glimpse of my personality.

    I did learn that this is the company's first time taking on interns ever, so they have no real solid training or work plan. The Dev Ops team consists of two people, and come this May, an intern.

    I sent a thank you note on Friday, and should hear some sort of response from them this week.
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    @acelan update! I got the offer!
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    Congrats @meowijuanas! That is great opportunity for you!
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    @acelan Thank you very much! You're very kind
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    @meowijuanas Nothing wrong with being a bit nervous, and clearly you managed to shine through - congratulations!
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    @AlmondSauce Thank you very much! And thank you for your advice. I did go onto their blog and was able to ask them a question regarding a recent development change they had undertaken, and they were definitely surprised to be asked. It was a great idea
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    @meowijuanas you're very welcome. Glad it was a useful tip! :-)
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