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    Hmm what?? A keyboard??
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    I mean, text prediction models might have their own update route. It's something that the company likely took a lot of effort to collect and from a business standpoint, it's more profitable for them to keep it private.
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    Key logger theories in 3...2...1
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    @irene or "muh daytuhhhsss reeeeee"
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    yet another reason I will never buy another Samsung product.
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    @irene open bobs and vegana
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    @irene please response
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    @irene just kidding.😅

    Have a good day yall. :)
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    @irene @Stuxnet I've actually monitored my main keyboard while it was entirely up to date and basically had all data collection and prediction stuff turned off with AFWall (android root firewall).

    It continuously tries to connect to the internet, 2K+ attempts within 15 fucking minutes.

    Yes, I find that very much not okay.

    Also, @irene, could you please define how @RantSomeWhere would be paranoid in this case? (As in, in accordance with the definition of paranoia)
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    @irene I'm gonna build my own smartphone from scratch
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    @mjones44 lol that's a whole new level of tin foil hat
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    @Stuxnet gonna build my own wireless data network infrastructure too
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