Google wanted to be politically correct and gave faces different colors. But apparently using "black" or "asian" is a shame too so all of these emojies have same name.

This decision was very poor as it's hard to implement this duplicity in frontend so as always Devs choose easiest choice - just use the first one. And first one is always yellow...

Congrats on making whole lazy Dev world using your "correct" emojies enforcing only one face style.

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    In messengers with diverse emojis I always use the black ones, just to confuse people who know that I am white.
    But none mentioned any confusion so far.
    My relatives haven't seen me in a while. Maybe they forgot how I look. 😕
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    All Emoji (humanizee) should be yellow, nobody is yellow like that (except really rare diseases?) , so it's a good choice too avoid racism. And this is the legacy color of Emoji.

    One color too rules them all ^^.

    When we talk with any people on the Internet, we are all equals, no need to separate this unicity.
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