Not sure an anti social bunch as us developers are would make too much use of it, but is there a PM feature planned for devRant?

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    Ask @dfox! Hehehe. It's a cool idea though. We could exchange valuable tips from experienced developers. Would be amazing for newbies like me!
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    I assumed PM was project manager and was instantly offended. Silly me!
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    @linux-colonel lol that's what I though he was saying.

    It's always been a thought, but we're not really sure how much it would add. What are you looking for exactly? I think a nice thing about not having a PM system is it makes more convos happen publicly and gets everyone more involved. We're open to ideas though.
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    @dfox perhaps if out of app comms were to be taken up for whatever reason, perhaps a feature to extend a business card like.. thing.
    Use case: I want to help this person with this specific problem they have ranted about
    > give them details via which to contact me. (In app or otherwise)

    (2c thought)
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    @PseudoSudo @dfox Similar to PseudoSudo, a way to further assist another user with an issue by privately requesting more information that they may not otherwise be comfortable posting publicly.

    I understand this app is for posting rants but it can also be a great place to learn and support the dev community.
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    @scrptd @dfox that is what I was trying to tell. It would be a nice feature to help each other. Yes, there's a downside to that. Some of us might take get caught up in that.
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    @Jase @dfox no, limiting the messages is not a nice idea I think. Sometimes more than a few messages are needed to help someone and in that case the situation is abruptly ended when the limit is up and the user has to think what the other person was trying to make him understand. I don't know, that's what I think, at least. :)
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    @scrptd random thought poped into my mind after reading your comment. Integrate in some way/shape/form with the likes of stack exchange. Now wouldnt that be something. Only particularly relevant to the rants about code as oposed to dev life. Yet interesting none the less.
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    @dfox I'm with you. You've made devRant anonymous, so there is no need for private messaging. I love the open conversations. I love people joining in on my conversations, and I love taking part in ongoing ones
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    Yeah I have needed a pm function on a number of occasions too. For privately thanking a user or asking another if he has received/read my email without making it awkward in public or spamming the comments
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