I'm still angry Google Glass was torn apart by the public for looking goofy but AirPods are a success.

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    I'm still angry google never went to market with glass, in aware you can get them for major corporations but I don't want to buy 1000+ of the damn things 😅
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    @C0D4 I loved the idea of them. Hopefully once Apple comes up with their next "innovation" by slapping their logo on a pair, they'll be back.
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    @odite "Apple eyePod" or maybe they'll just wait for the technology and just release the "eyePhone" from Mom Corp!
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    I just looked at some images of AirPods and Google Glass and AirPods look like normal wireless earphones, while Google Glass are weird.
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    @Jilano I actually have little doubt this will happen.
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    @arraysstartat1 Maybe you're right. Something just seems off about AirPods to me. Where Glass, other than their bulky size, seem cool looking. Then again they do blend better with an existing pair of glasses.
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    I think it's more that they made people nervous that the weirdo wearing them was recording.
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    @Jilano it's Apple iEye and not Apple eyePod
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    @odite Look at this from a different perspective. You see someone in a bus wearing AirPods and a person with Google Glass. Who will stand out from those two? For me Google Glass by far, while AirPods user is just some dude with Wireless earphones.

    It would be of course different if human augmentation was norm, but it isn't, and Google Glass is clearly something more than what you get at the mall.
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    The Chinese police have found a use for them.

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    Those fuckwits at Google killed the whole concept of smart HUD glasses off for years by managing to produce a design so nerdy it was a fucking parody.

    That really pisses me off as I'd love this concept to work. But now all we have are sodding watches.

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    Maybe there’s still hope https://google.com/amp/s/...
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