Management in big corp I collaborate with has decided they want intermediate releases every 4 weeks. That's kinda OK, we work in two week Scrum sprints.

However, not this sprint. Because of Easter it's three weeks. And because the 4 weeks rule is absolute, the one after that is only one week. Which implies we do the whole review-presentation-planning ceremony twice in a row. That's fucking absurd. But when management agrees on a plan, it's reality that needs to comply, right? Argh.

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    If it was me, I'd just laugh at them.
    But they probably fire me for not playing their idiotic games, so.
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    My favorite response is following absurd requests with withering, derisive laughter.

    Looks like you have three options

    1. find a manager with some common sense

    2. bust your balls to get it done

    3. spin your wheels and make-work for that week.
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