I think I need serious help because for like 2 weeks now i have been feeling so demotivated to code (and peoples project are with me). At times i feel like just doing some unproductive sh*t like watch stupid videos on youtube. I seriously don't know wtf is wrong with me. The way i felt when I started my journey in coding that fire, is no longer burning in me 😭😢

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    Depression ?
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    When you start out, it's new and exciting. That initial "wow" factor often quickly fades.

    Force yourself to push through whatever deadlines you have at the moment, then take a break for a bit - do something different for a week or two, and see if you can come back to it refreshed.
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    I can't help much, but I do want to say that you're not alone. This has been me for months now, just feeling very lethargic about it. We'll make it through this, my dude.
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    It's not necessarily depression, you just need to take some time and chill a bit but you need to clear your workload, your reputation is key.

    First, get in touch with your client and inform them timelines have changed.

    Don't code, just look at your projects and break them into smaller bits.

    Once you have the smaller chunks set a 25 mins period for one task and do just that, once you're done with that, rest.

    If you feel slightly motivated, push for one more but if really excited, don't try to ride it till the end, do some more work and then rest.

    Your mental levels are depleted and they need to be replenished and rest is the only cure for that. Also, look at other things, learn something new or just go have fun, live life.

    Hope you get out of it, it happened to me in the past and the solution was practically doing other things and not being in the office but working out of a co-working space. The energy from others fired me up and i used my experience to help others that got stuck, that made me feel better.
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