My morning:

Me: Why did you just delete the failing unit tests?

Intern: I debugged it for a while and found one of the other developers broke it with his recent changes. I couldn't fix it.

Me: Did you let him know he broke it?

Intern: No.

Me: So you just deleted it and decided to pretend the feature isn't broken?

Intern: ... No ... I mean ... well you told us yesterday we needed to have all the tests passing.

(I NEED a stress ball people)

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    Well, I mean..... Technically... He's right... 😏
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    @geronimo ... you'd fit in well on this team. Want to replace me?
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    As a guy currently fixing a battery of ~25 unit tests to work with our completely remodeled website layout allow me to say:
    * eyeball twitch *
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    @kwilliams your twitchy eyeball warms my heart
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    Your little guys are scared I can tell, hahahaha.
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    @Heveabrasilien ... they should be now
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    @practiseSafeHex yeeeaahh... All the tests will pass.
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    It's not about fixing them its all about passing them ! Every thing passes 😜
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    Testing is stupid anyway.

    Tester c'est douter !
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    @geronimo Technically correct. The best kind of correct!
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    At least they didn't leave the tests but change them to always pass in an obscure way. Perhaps this is beyond internship level.
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    @cjhowald Assert.IsTrue (true);

    Test fixed.
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    @kwilliams or this:

    assert(result = expectedValue)
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    You don't need a stress ball... you need whiskey
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    Give this man a ++ so he can get a DevsRant stress ball
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    Is this what they call thinking "out of the box"? It's clearly an ugly world out there.
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    Luckily devRant don't send stressShotguns...
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    incoming new free swag: devrant pin up glass to throw at your frustrating teammate or intern for 2000 +1s
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    @notBob devRant shot glasses would be fun, though I wonder how many would survive international shipping intact
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    How did the other developer didn't knew he broke the test?
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    If the passing matters, he couldn't just use damn 'return' and notify the person, noooo...
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    To be fair, the kid was just an intern and I know back then I had these grandiose thoughts that all senior devs were completely professional and perfect. There is NO WAY a senior Dev would commit code that would break a test case. The issue must be in the test case then, right?

    (S)He sure learned the hard way that senior devs can be lazy and careless as fuck
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    @Yankeesrule I used the word intern as thats more his level as oppose to his role.

    He has several years experience in an unrelated language and we are training him up in a new language. He's also older than me.

    The "senior" was expecting that this project had the same level of automation as all of our other projects and would remotely run the tests and fire off an email if it failed.

    This was "too difficult" to implement when handed a step by step instruction sheet.
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    And the community agrees and you get a stress ball.
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    @practiseSafeHex yep it's amazing how lazy and uncommitted to learn some seniors can get. My coworker on my team is a tech lead while I am. Senior software engineer. Three months into the project and I still need to help her with git almost daily. Git isn't this flash in the pan technology. If we were talking javascript libraries than MAYBE. But Git?
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    He would fit perfectly in most of the Dev teams out there sadly.
    My "colleagues" would happily take him for me.
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    There. 256++ that was most satisfying
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    ++ in the hope that you throw it at the intern
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    @rightbrace ... too soft for them, need something bigger, heavier and more likely to take one of them out of action
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    Give them the task to write all working test, without assert(True == True).
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