I just had a developer tell me “I’m switching the language of the project from React to HTML”...................... ok.

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    From what I've seen with react, it's just html wrapped in js. Except now it's acceptable because "Facebook did it", I see nothing but document.write(<html block>);
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    He's doing a major service for future maintainers of that project.
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    And I though I’m the only one who hates this react insanity. 😆
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    @mojo2012 Your not the only one..
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    I'm learning react js now and I kind of like it.

    I'm probably going insane and I don't know it yet.
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    @thevariableman a friend of mine (java dev) was asked if debugging in java us also that good.

    He responded: guys, you really havent seen the light yet...

    I lmao everytime i think of this 😂
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    @mojo2012 I am a java developer js and jsx feels weird
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    welp.. Im just in transition to a new job from java SE to fullstack web with react. was it that bad of a decision?
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