You just came in today, being new in your position. I've been with the company for around 5 years, and you're the new guy. Look, I absolutely respect your skills. You're not a newbie coming out of uni, ok? You're a skilled sysadmin. But you asking me "what is your college?" and after me telling you I majored in linguistics, your answer "huh, that's why" and explaining why I'm wrong in my programming practices (which are taken from the Apache foundation) is utterly bullshit. Fuck off!

1) The fact that you have a BS in CS doesn't mean you know the best. I've worked as a programmer for some time. You were never paid to write a line of code.

2) Even if you were absolutely, positively, non-questionably right, you have no right to be condescending.

So, can you just shove your degree far up your ass? Because my friend, you're uppity as fuck just because you spent 4 years in college learning theory that you never applied in real world. I spent years learning my programming skills alone, after 9 to 5 work, during the evenings and fucking weekends. I don't need to prove myself to you, you fuckity fuck, I have proven myself to our employer over the last five fucking years.


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    Reprimand! Insubordination!
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    @Matthewb Lol, I'm not a fuckity fuck too, there's no subordination in my company. But we gonna have a problem if this fucking continues.
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    he said that on his first day? what a piece of shit!
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    He should have that BS in CS shoved up his AS(S)
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    very sad, very frequent. They don't teach to respect real, hard and dirty work.

    Stay cool and be strong
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    @JohanO lol, good one
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    rm -rf .git
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    Folks? Thank you for your reactions. They help me stay sane and professional at work.
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    He/she may have learned the code of machines but not the code of mutual respect.

    Personally I don't give a f__k about what the interns know. If they have respect and a desire to learn we get along well.

    I have one coming next month just in time for my holidays. I'll hear from the colleagues about him then will decide whether to break balls or not.
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    He's an ass munch
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